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Our program aims to improve the motor skills, fitness, self-confidence and self-esteem of children taking part in it, through various sports, playful and entertaining actions. Through Physical Education and Sports, we can get in touch with children, develop their emotional, spiritual and physical level to form complete personalities…


  Every Friday and a special event awaits our young friends, – Kindergarten children and elementary school students. The events can also be attended by students who are not registered in the Center of Creational Activities for Children ” The Little Explorers”. The events are two hours long and rich in themes. In the more.. 


  • Duration 1 teaching hour or Duration 2 teaching hours
  • Experienced staff
  • Small groups
  • Preparing courses for the next day
  • The student learns how to read

English Speaking Nursery School

The aim of the program is for children to become acquainted with the English language through playful forms of learning. The cultivation of language and communication skills will take place through creative activities, games, songs, linguistic and other games, etc. in a pleasant and safe environment. Daily contact and engagement with English will help children …


The most innovative pedagogical program for children in Europe, Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth, arrived in Kalamata from Finland! In Arkki’s workshops, 4 to 13-year-old children, with the Architectural Game ax, see the world from different angles, experiment, plan and discover their gradients and talents. All of the programs reinforce three-dimensional perception, mathematical thinking and communication skills….

School Buses

Children are moved by privately-owned school buses conserved and safe. All drivers are professional. On all routes the children are accompanied by escorts – pedagogues. Routes are always determined by parents’ consultation with the traffic office. Parents have to wait for the school bus at the point designated as a meeting point and agreed with the traffic office. There is the possibility to change the meeting point upon arrival….

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