Creation & Expression


Music contributes to the development of children even from the very young ages. Songs, rhythmic exercises, musical listening and musical improvisation that take place in the classroom result in children’s cooperation in the ensemble as well as socialization and respect towards their classmates as they all join together for a goal at a time . It has also been observed that music is associated with the best performance of children at school and, in particular, with the science courses. Finally, it is very important that children can express themselves creatively in a way, as music helps shape their character and generally makes us happier people.


Dance is art!
It is the expression of feelings through the combination of movements that coordinate the music and the personality of each dancer. This expression of emotion is what makes dancing a means of psychotherapy and exhilaration. It is the means by which we can communicate and express where the words are failing. Therefore, dance can become one of the most important ways to approach the sensitive child’s soul. On the one hand, it exercises the body in the most pleasant way, on the other it exercises the child in improvisation but also in obedience to rules and rhythms. He teaches him the pleasant side of “I’m doing” and “I’m insisting.” Finally, dance socializes the child but also promotes his personality. Above all, however, it teaches him to work together and promote collaboration and teamwork.
With emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, and respect for the individual personality of each child, we aim to help children become more expressive and happier people.

  • ART

Crafts, construction, painting.

Clay: Through the use of pottery, children develop their imagination and creativity while also organizing their thoughts to make different creations. They learn to follow practical instructions, use new materials, collaborate to become the object they make functional, thus passing from the imaginary world to the real. Each child, through the learning of ceramics and its techniques, feels the freedom to discover, to stretch, to create, to face any disappointments, and all by playing with material that generously generates from the earth.


A first contact of children with fabrics, yarns, yarns and needles in order to get to know and love the art of tailoring. Design, measure, count with pencil and scissors. Test and create with my imagination !!


Acts of joy, creation and communication through games adapted to each age. The coexistence of theatrical play and music-kinetic education enable children to communicate, collaborate, sensitize and cultivate their own expression. Also, acting within a specific context, it helps them develop their self-discipline (by controlling movement coordination) while having fun, relaxing and exhaling.

Our main goal is the pleasure that children receive through music, imitation and dramatization. By coming into contact with art, we will try to release the children and see the world in a different way …. With it’s own!