Two lending libraries operate at the premises of Bougas Schools. The primary school library is housed on the 1st floor of the Primary School building and the Gymnasium and General Lyceum Library are located in the Gymnasium building. Both libraries run from Monday to Friday (8am to 3pm) and their space is available for reading and study by all teachers, students.

     Their main purpose is to familiarize children with books and with the library. They mainly borrow books of children’s and teenage literature, learn to use books and encyclopedias, and search for various information useful for their work or for enriching their knowledge.

The material of both libraries includes:

  • Historical books, books about Kalamata, religious books, poetry collections, novels, children’s literature, books on circulation, encyclopedias, dictionaries, school aids, books on children’s literature, pedagogic books, books about the Olympics, books for coins, books on museums and travel guides, and books on the environment.
  • Students will also find maps, many DVDs on issues such as space, environment, animals, history, technology, children’s films, mythology, biographies etc.
  • Archived envelopes including school holidays, educational programs implemented by students during school years, information from archaeological sites and periodicals on education and the environment, school newspapers, etc.

The Lending Programm for each grade is as follows:

  • The First & Second Grade borrow books every Monday.
  • The Third Grade borrows books every Tuesday.
  • The Fourth Grade borrows books every Wednesday.
  • The Fifth Grade borrows books every Thursday.
  • The Sixth Grade borrows books every Friday
  • All classes of Gymnasium and General Lyceum are borrowed books from Monday to Friday upon agreement.
  • Any teacher, parent or student who wishes to borrow from library material can contact Mrs. Poulopoulou Georgia at email or on 27210-92022 and 27210-92122 business days and hours.