Computing & Robotics

In today’s information society, computers are greatly facilitating our lives and this is proven on a daily basis.

The purpose of the IT course is to educate children on the correct use of the computer and to help them acquire general knowledge and skills in basic themes that form the foundation of computer science. They learn to be familiar with computer hardware and software, have a special understanding of understanding, creating, organizing, managing and processing data and information. Also, children are creatively engaged in learning technology through educational scenarios and entertaining games.

Educational robotics is an educational and recreational activity that combines learning with the game, thus transforming education into a shocking adventure. It combines electronics, engineering (construction, assembly, stability, etc.), computer science (programmable sensors, introduction to algorithm logic), physics (movement, friction, energy) and mathematics. In its framework, machines are built and programmed, which have the ability to perceive their surrounding space continuously and to adapt their movement and behavior accordingly