Carnival –Center of Creative Activities for Children

The pupils of the Center of Creative Activities for Children “The Little Explorers” celebrated Carnival with a lot of fun and numerous activities.

Through various activities our children got in touch with the manners and customs of our region. They took part in carnival art workshops featured by making carnival masks, hat, kite and colours for face-painting.

The pupils celebrated the Thursday of the second week of carnival, the so-called “Tsiknopempti”, by grilling food, dancing and having fun. In this way, they got closer to our tradition.

On the last Friday of the Carnival a huge party took place, which included carnival procession, piñatas, carnival games, music-dancing activities, maypole dance and of course dancing!

We bid carnival farewell and then we met “Mrs Lent”, who was made with legumes. On Friday, February 23 the cookery workshop for Lenten dishes is going to be held.

Have a nice Lent.