Our school, in its constant effort to offer to our school children an integrated education and to contribute to educational innovation and application, will start the STEAM group (survey-glad-discover)  at the school year 2017-2018. The goal of STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Maths) is to get children to see how the real world works. STEAM training is a cross-thematic and integrated approach that emphasizes learning in practice and links STEAM’s components to everyday life and the real world of students.

Children use a specially designed simple building system, construct mechanical and electrical systems, explore how they work, discover laws that govern movement and electricity. They use mathematics as a “tool” to formulate these laws, thus understanding the necessity of their existence.

They talk about the various forms of energy and finally they craft their constructions, thus introducing their personal and subjective element: how, in other words, their aesthetic perception would like to be decorated with their mechanical or electrical construction.

Children through the successive steps required to complete their construction experience the joy of creation and the necessity of each next step, which they should reasonably support.

The STEAM Group is a journey that takes children through Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art.

The way children work is personal and as a team. During the annual operation of the STEAM Group, different constructions are selected. Upon completion of each construction, which takes about a month, each child takes these structures home, thus allowing for more observation and deepening of their operation.